Attractions and Places to Visit in Llandrindod

Llandrindod Wells is in the middle of Mid Wales and is a great place to tour the surrounding areas from. With many outstanding areas of beauty and historical relevance you are never without something to do or see.

Llandudno is an area of outstanding natural beauty and the location of The Imperial allows for a leisurely stroll along the flat promenade to the pier or in to town. Architecture in the town doesn't detract from the area's beauty as buildings have been preserved, but aside from soaking up the natural beauty, the town has a wide and varied history dating back to the Bronze Age.


Galleries and Art

Llandrindod is rich with many galleries, museums, live music and cultural events, and has a deep music and art heritage. Llandrindod galleries feature acclaimed artists from all over the world.
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Museums in Llandrindod


Since Victorian times, Llandrindod has been home of many artists and writers, who have found inspiration from the stunning coastline and countryside. Today, Llandrindod is a wealth of local artisans producing some unique crafts.
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In Llandrindod you will find beautiful villages, each with their own ancient church. Explore the narrow lanes, browse the local shops and then enjoy a lazy lunch on a shady terrace.
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