Llandrindod Wells dance charity aims to get local people moving

TIMES are tough right now – and responding to that has driven a Llandrindod Wells dance charity to create an online programme for a variety of age groups.

Impelo’s new winter programme Impelo at Home starts on November 2 and is targeting groups that may have been most impacted by lockdown restrictions in terms of isolation and support – including first-time mums, teenagers and the over 50s.

Classes are listed as paid for but the woman behind the new initiative is keen to stress that Impelo just want to get people up and moving in order to shake off the winter and pandemic blues and are more than happy to provide classes for free too.

“I was on maternity for all of lockdown and it was really tough bringing up a baby with no outside help, I can’t imagine how hard it was for first-time parents not being able to be supported by their families,” said dance practitioner Jemma Thomas.

“So, I’m really passionate about creating an online community of support for parents. There’s also weekly sessions for teenagers, over 50s dance sessions to try and curb isolation for those who may be shielding and also an online resource we’re creating for pre-school age children too.”

While Impelo’s dance studio looks set for a January 2021 return, Jemma wanted to fill the void until then and has come up with an online programme for the whole family to enjoy this winter.

Impelo is going live on Zoom with weekly youth dance sessions, getting anyone aged 11 and above back into dance training and supporting teenage wellbeing through movement. Impelo has a big youth dance project lined up in January so they are looking for youngsters to help co-design it this term.

‘Do your thing’ is a weekly Zoom session for anyone 50 or over. Seated or standing, high energy or gently paced, they’ll equip you with the dance know how so you can do it in your own way.

There will be a brand new session added to the online weekly offer, the ‘Big Fish Baby Fish Club’. This is a session for parents/carers with a baby under one.

Mum-of-two Jemma will be taking the Big Fish Baby Fish class herself and can’t wait.

She said: “I’m so thrilled to be delivering this session. I know first-hand what it’s been like raising a baby in lockdown.

“So much of my training has been focused on early years movement so I’m really fired up to deliver a beneficial session for babies to support their growth and learning, but I’m also so excited to chat with other parents so we can support each other, share stories and feel a bit more connected.”

Visit their website at www.impelo.org.uk to register and book a place.

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