Llandrindod Wells property slapped with closure order

DYFED Powys Police have been successful in bringing a closure order into effect at a property in Landrindod Wells associated with criminal and antisocial behaviour.

Magistrates sitting at Llandrindod Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, February 17, granted the closure order in relation to No18 Troed y Rhiw, in Brookland Road, occupied by Emma Clarkin.

Clarkin was not present in court to dispute the order.

Magistrates heard that Clarkin had been the tenant at the property since 2014 but that criminal and antisocial behaviour and complaints had escalated in the last two to three years.

They heard police had been called out to a number of incidents already this year – including one involving race hate and a serious assault, while Clarkin on one occasion had to be tasered by police.

The case proceeded in Clarkin’s absence and heard evidence from Sue Clarke – a lawyer acting for Dyfed Powys Police.

She said the closure notice prevents anyone from entering the property, bar the occupant herself.

“This is a housing association property, where the tenant has lived since 2014,” said Ms Clarke.

“There have been a number of incidents in recent months relating to antisocial behaviour and the police been involved with more serious issues.

“The police and other residents are fully supportive of this closure application. This behaviour has been ongoing for two-three years and is causing a great deal of anxiety and stress on other residents.

“One long term resident terminated their tenancy in October 2020 because they could no longer cope with the antisocial and criminal behaviour.”

Ms Clarke reeled off a series of call-outs made by the police to the address in 2021 so far, including January 24 where a taser was deployed and the defendant was arrested on suspicion of assault.

On January 31 police received calls from a number of neighbours reporting a man covered in blood, allegedly attacked by the defendant and her brother, who is often a visitor to the property with other individuals. Criminal proceedings in relation to that matter are ongoing.

The latest incident occurred on February 5 when nearby residents in their garden could hear smashing and screaming. This is when the race hate incident is alleged to have occurred.

Ms Clarke said: “All residents support the order but have declined to supply statements, not even anonymously, as they felt intimidated by people visiting the property, and they fear being identified.

“A lot of behaviour occurs while visitors are at the property and the behaviour is a continuing drain on police resources.”

Magistrates granted the three-month closure order, with chair of the bench Lorna Jones saying: “There have been four serious incidents since January, and this has been ongoing for two-three years.

“Attempts to engage with the tenant have proved unsuccessful. We find the order necessary to prevent this behaviour continuing. The premises will be closed to all persons excluding Emma Clarkin.”

The order expires on May 16 but could be extended for a further three months at that time.

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