Rhayader careless driving likely to cost Amazon driver job

A DELIVERY driver who was rushing to deliver a baby’s medicine looks likely to lose his job after magistrates gave him five penalty points for almost crashing into off-duty police officer.

Amazon courier Julius Bakantra Mbanzibwa was rushing to get to Rhayader to deliver an asthma pump to a sick baby on October 11.

The 41-year-old father-of-two narrowly avoided a collision with Dyfed Powys Police sergeant Gareth Earp. Mbanzibwa admitted an offence of driving without due care and attention in Llandrindod Wells on Wednesday, November 18.

Prosecutor Stephen Davies said Mbanzibwa was driving his Vauxhall Vivaro on the A470 between Newbridge-on-Wye and Rhayader at about 10.20am. On approaching a slight right hand bend the driver of the other vehicle was confronted by the defendant travelling in the opposite direction and who was in the process of overtaking another vehicle.

“Sergeant Earp was off duty and driving with his family, then he saw a van attempt to overtake on a corner,” said Mr Davies. “It was raining and wet and he had to brake heavily and swerve on to the verge on the side of the road.”

Connor Evans, acting for the defendant, of Dulverton Avenue, Cardiff asked magistrates to treat this as a first hearing as Mbanzibwa had moved house and not received the original summons, so was pleading guilty at the first opportunity.

County Times: FOR STOCK: The police station and court building at Llandrindod Wells on Wednesday, November 16, 2016..MS262-2016-1.FOR STOCK: The police station and court building at Llandrindod Wells on Wednesday, November 16, 2016..MS262-2016-1.

“He is an Amazon courier and a key worker,” said Mr Evans.

“On October 11 he’d picked up an asthma pump from a Bristol depot and was transporting it to a sick baby in Rhayader and his instructions were to arrive by 11am. He was anxious to get it there on time and made an error in judgement, he was rushing when he shouldn’t have been.

“He pulled out to overtake and then pulled back in but accepts he was over the central line, causing the off-duty officer to swerve. It was an error of judgement, there was no indication he was speeding.”

He said Mbanzibwa had three points placed on his licence in 2019 for a speeding offence and warned that three more points would result in his termination.

“He is very sorry and remorseful, especially as there were children in the car,” added Mr Evans. “He is uncomfortable at the thought of making children feel scared. He has two children himself and a wife who are wholly dependant on him for his income.

“He has three points on his licence and if he gets to six points it is inevitable he will lose his job.”

Magistrates placed five points on the defendant’s licence, telling him: “We are certain a collision would have been caused had evasive action not been taken by the other driver.”

He was also fined £93 and must pay £200 costs, as well as a £32 surcharge.

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