Cat lover Alex is feline like a new challenge

AN ANIMAL lover has started her own non-profit organisation looking to re-home stray cats in Powys.

Alex Winchester says she has become concerned at the increasing amount of strays spotted around the county since the coronavirus pandemic began – fearing that perhaps they’ve been abandoned by families or owners who feel they can no longer afford to feed or home them anymore.

The 19-year-old, who set up the TLFC Cat Rescue and Rehabilitation page on Facebook at the end of January, says she the overarching goal is to rescue as many suffering cats as possible and find them foster families and, ultimately, forever homes.

“Our end goal is to help as many cats as we can, as with Covid going on the number of stray cats has gone up,” said Alex, originally from Llandrindod Wells, now living in Kington with her 18-month-old tortoiseshell cat Solstace (Sol).

“People seem to be getting cats from breeders and then realising they can’t look after them and abandoning them which is a horrible truth.

“The community so far has come together to try and help, which is amazing and I’m so thankful for everyone.”

Alex took to the Llandrindod Solutions Facebook page last weekend to announce her new venture, revealing earlier this week that two individuals and two families have already approached her offering to foster any cats she rescues.

Alex said in her post: “I have my own kitten named Sol and she brings me joy every day. Sadly, the number of stray cats is growing and not many people are able to help. I live in a small flat but luckily for me it allows pets, so I have decided I am going to help as many stray cats as I can find a forever home, where they will be loved.

“I also want to help families that have cats but can’t take care of them anymore. So, I have started this non-profit page.

“For anyone that knows of any strays or cats that need help finding a new home, please leave a message. Also, for anyone that is looking for a furry friend, that will be patient and kind, please just ask, or for anyone that would be willing to foster for one-three months, please message me privately.”

Alex is hoping to cover all of Powys with the new venture, with Newtown her initial target area as that’s where she’s been contacted about most stray reports so far.

“With the help of a few others that are dedicated to this project, we are going to be asking around the neighbourhood to see if anyone has seen any strays that look like they need help,” added Alex.

“For example, if they are looking malnourished, covered in fleas or mites, generally need to be checked by a vet, or pregnant cats that wouldn’t have done so well on their own with kittens.

“Within the next few weeks we are going to be bringing a few in as we have had information come through that there’s been quite a few sightings of stray cats in the residential areas around Newtown.

“People in Powys are aware of the strays but not many people are able to foster, but are willing to help find them so we can give them the care that they need and eventually find them a home.

“We plan to take the strays to a vet to get them checked over, have them neutered, then I will bring them to my house where they will be introduced to being around people more and other animals. “Then, we can concentrate on finding them a foster home until I can find a forever home for them.”

If you’d like to help out with the project or know more, visit the TLFC Cat Rescue and Rehabilitation page on Facebook or contact Alex.

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