A chip off the old box in Llandrindod Wells

EVER been bored ordering your weekly chippy tea and curse under your breath that you didn’t bring a good book to peruse while you wait for your cod to cook?

Well now, fish and chip lovers in one part of Llandrindod Wells don’t have to worry about racing back to the house for whatever latest James Patterson or Danielle Steel they’re reading – just pop into the phone box outside.

Next time you’re ordering your Saturday saveloy or Friday fish supper from the Grosvenor Chippery in Llandrindod, you can take a timeout while you’re waiting for your food to fry thanks to kind-hearted local folk who have built a wooden bookshelf – complete with some excellent reads – in the telephone kiosk located outside the popular takeaway, on Grosvenor Road.

The niche pop-up bookstore, complete with a mix of classic and contemporary literature, appears to have popped up overnight this week, with local resident Angela Deans posting a picture on the Llandrindod Solutions Facebook group, along with the message: “Chance for a read whilst waiting for your fish and chips at Grosvenor Chippy.”

Angela later posted that she was adding Pointless co-presenter Richard Osman’s debut novel ‘The Thursday Murder Club’ and Jodi Picoult’s ‘Small Great Things’ to the collection.

Handily, there’s also a lifesaving heart starter defibrillator already stationed in the phone box, so you could also dash in and transform into Superman (or Superwoman) from Clark Kent and save a life too.

A spokesperson for Llandrindod Wells Town Council said: “Local residents have taken the it upon themselves to install shelving and we commend them for their initiative.

“The adoption of the kiosk was undertaken by the town council and the installation of the defibrillator. This is part of a programme of defibrillator installations. The town council has applied to adopt the Brookland Road kiosk also, which is in progress. This will also be for a defibrillator.”

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